Brooklyn Bastards

Les Donkees (2014)


Good Idea
I wish I could say I didn’t feel this way.... For every mistake (I made), I wish I had a dime
But, it’s only fair (you know), we both we there (you know)
And it seemed like a good idea at the time... And it seemed like a good idea at the time

Like a prison cell, there’s a world of Hell... There’s no turning back for us from a life of crime
But, one part is true (you know), It was always you (you know)
And it seemed like a good idea at the time And it seemed like a good idea at the time

To say I love you (to say I need you) I would never think twice
What would it take for me now, to break this wall of ice?

I wish I could say, nothing got in the way... Now I can’t wash away the pain and the grime
But, it’s a two way street, (you know) Still the memory is sweet (you know)
And it seemed like a good idea at the time And it seemed like a good idea at the time.

How Come
It started off slow, it started off sweet I used to think my life was complete
Our romance took off with a shot But there’s trouble in paradise, that’s what we’ve got.
How come (how come) I don’t turn you on? How come (how come) in the morning you’re gone?
How come (how come) you’ve got me thinking? How come you only love me when you’re drinking?

Ain’t it a bitch? Something ain’t right I almost wish that we’d have a good fight
Our romance was strong, it was fine As long as we had an open bottle of wine
How come (how come) you wake up and cry? How come (how come) when the bottle is dry
How come (how come) it feels like we’re sinking?How come you only love me when you’re drinking?

Did I do something wrong? Is there somebody new?
Are you plagued by demons inside of you?
Tell me, where does it hurt? What should we do?

Ain’t it the truth? Ain’t it a crime? Salt and tequila goes better with lime.
Our romance used to be nice When happy hour ends you turn into ice
Ain’t it a curse? Ain’t it a lie? I’m still not ready to tell you good bye
Our romance could still be a dream With a steady supply of Kahlua and cream
How come (how come) the rules are reversed? How come (how come) you’ve got such a thirst?
How come (how come) you totaled the Lincoln? How come you only love me when you’re drinking?
How come (how come) it’s lonely and dark? How come (how come) we lost that old spark?
How come (how come) our future is shrinking?How come you only love me when you’re drinking?

Cut The Crap
From the day that we met it was never the same But you keep changing the rules of the game
I wouldn’t mind, but time is so rare And I know that you know that I know… how much you care
I was alone, and you set the trap I should have known you’d never draw me a map
Hang up the phone Let’s call it a wrap Cut the crap, cut the crap, cut the crap and tell me you love me.

You’ve been hard to find since you disappeared
You’ve been blowing smoke rings in my mind by acting so weird
What can I do to make you come around?
I know that you know that I know… what was lost can be found

I see the sky, I see the sun, I know that we have only begun
I see the moon, I see the trees, I see that you have brought me to my knees

Why waste the time, why waste your breath?
Every day we waste away a little closer to death
Since I found you I’ve been living the dream
You know that I know that you know we make an excellent team
I was alone, and you set the trap You’re out of the zone, no need to recap
No need to atone, but you could mind the gap Throw me a bone, don’t make a flap
Cut the crap, cut the crap, cut the crap and tell me you love me.

Let’s Make A Deal
It comes from out of nowhere, I am shocked but not surprised
Could it be my vindication or a new plot you’ve devised?
I’d say it is unlikely to leave here smelling like a rose
More like the stink of history or battle, I suppose
I should be protective of my old heart from brand new harm
But when you dangle new beginnings, I am bound to bet the farm
Should I accept your invitation? To slip on this banana peel
So commence negotiations… OK, honey, let’s make a deal

I need to leave the bargain basement, you won’t believe what I’ve been through
It’s surprising me to find, we could find anything that’s new
While I am running out of options, there’s a few tricks up your sleeve
I still have some possessions, I never wanted you to leave
We can visit all the landmarks, take some time to clear the air
Sign off on the final details and resume with the affair
I must learn to hold my tongue before it all becomes too real
Say there’s a limit on the offer? OK honey, let’s make a deal

Still it seems that time hasn’t dimmed the fire Could it be that I’m the only one you desire?

My good good friends have warned me to leave the past behind
But when if comes to you, I never seem to mind
Is it hopeless or romantic? I can feel the first incision
The small print says no refunds, once you’ve paid the price of omission
I’ve been waiting in the wings, ever since the curtain fell
Still got some self-esteem to burn, soon you’ll hear the closing bell
I’ve been waiting for this call, there’s not much left to steal
Maybe I’m heading for a fall or simply tryin’ to cop a feel
I can be your Monty Hall, baby, you can spin the wheel
Sign upon the dotted line, OK honey, let’s make a deal


Album Notes: 
Les Donkees debut album, Brooklyn Bastards, was recorded in Louie's Brooklyn studio. After a few rehearsals, the band came up with basic arrangements. We recorded the basic skeletons of all the songs live. 
Then the vocals, horns, guitars, and keyboards were arranged further and recorded over the basic drum and bass tracks. Mixing began soon after with Anne Pope at the controls. It took about two years.

Original artwork was created by the brilliant Brooklyn artist Erica Harris.
Erica's original cover art Erica's original cover art
Keka Marzagao, assisted by Anne Pope, shot the Kickstarter video and Mary Rhymer animated and edited it. Mastering was done by Alan Douches of West Westside Music.
Who's in Les Donkees?

Canelle Boughton (sax): The VA native moved to the Big Apple shortly after college due to her love of jazz. Since then, her love has grown to include various other art forms and styles, including the theater and jamming with Les Donkees.

Travis Calvert (sax): Originally from FLA and NC, Travis is a Brooklyn-based saxophone player who enjoys rock and roll, rock climbing, and cocktails in rocks glasses.

Doug Fischer (trombone): Originally from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Doug Fischer is a deeply soulful individual just trying to make it in this world.

Louie Fleck (guitar, vocals, producer): The NYC native escaped Manhattan sadness to find Brooklyn madness. Now every moment of goodness and badness is filled with gladness.

Max Letaconnoux (bass, ukulele): Max met Louie and the gang as in intern at BAM in the spring of 2012. After attending several of Louie's popular Friday night reggae jam sessions, Max was asked by Louie to join his new group, Les Donkees. Max is currently writing music for commercials and short films in New York City.

Granville Mullings, Jr. (drums, percussion): Granville is from Mt. Vernon, NY and is a man of few words. In his free time... what free time?!

Andrew Van Dusen (guitar): Andrew grew up in Kentucky on Soul Train, Hee-Haw! and Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. He is a veteran of Midwestern punk bands and NYC avant garde theater.

Robert Wood (organ, banjo, melodica): Robert grew up in Texas, where horses outnumber donkeys by a considerable margin. He enjoys crossing streets at a brisk pace, tuna, and thinking up really stupid things to make with origami. 
This group came together because we were all in the same place at right time. With a band comprised of 8 members, there are often 8 different opinions about how any particular aspect of recording should be done. On my previous projects, I would make most of the decisions about song choice, tempo, and arrangement. In this project, I made a concerted effort to go with the band members opinions on almost every part. This resulted in better arrangements and performances than I could ever imagine! The people in this group came up with so many great ideas and we had so much fun while we were in the middle of it. We can't wait for you to hear the album and judge for yourself! (Louie)